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Luxury Mink Lashes

  • Mink Eyelashes Strips

    Mink Eyelashes Strips

    China mink eyelashes strips , luxury quality. Here this styles is perfect for every lifestyle and eye is in hot sale. Common mink lash styles might slightly different with each other since all mink Lashes are handmade, but this our mink eyelashes strips quality is...Read More
  • Big Mink Eyelashes

    Big Mink Eyelashes

    Are you interested in adding our OEM 25mm Dramatic Full Luxury 3D Big Mink Eyelash to your inventory? Recentely the 25mm big mink eyelashes are in hot selling, the lengh of this kind 3D mink eyelashes is 25mm. We are leading venfor of this kind big lashes. We are always...Read More
  • 25mm Eyelashes

    25mm Eyelashes

    25mm eyelashes is kind of big eyelashes, very dramatic, now this kind big eyelashes is the trend and the hair length is 2.5cm, it is long style with 3D effect. WHY YOU CHOOSE 3d big STYLE EYELASHES? 1. very popular , beautiful 3D kind . 2. 3d Effect Will Make Your Eyelashes...Read More
  • False Eyelashes Own Brand

    False Eyelashes Own Brand

    With eyelashes and makeup beauty products developing, private label and false eyelashes own brand rise up. As leading false eyelashes own brand manufacturer from China, we provide you OEM and ODM service. First you need to have the excellent various styles false lashes, then...Read More
  • Dramatic Mink Lashes

    Dramatic Mink Lashes

    Dramatic mink lashes will make you have a strong sense of existence.It’s very hot sell popular style especially for the people who has short lashes and the people who want to create more sexy and charming effect and of course for the stars in singing or film or other field....Read More
  • Curly Mink Lashes

    Curly Mink Lashes

    Do you like the curly mink lashes? As our experience, most of customer prefer the 3D mink lashes with strongly curly end, or with very good 3D or 5D effect, this can make your eyes become very obvious and charming, if you also do false eyelashes business or want to make your...Read More
  • Eyelashes Private Label

    Eyelashes Private Label

    The correct use of false eyelashes products can highlight the spirit of women's knowledge in the times, make designs transparent, not only make eyes bigger but also clear and moving. If we add the private label, then the eyelashes private label will become the art gift....Read More
  • Cruelty Free Mink Eyelashes

    Cruelty Free Mink Eyelashes

    Mink eyelashes is regards as the best quality false eyelashes, so people intend to buy mink lashes but they worry about "cruelty", Although suppliery explain about cruelty free, they still dare not to buy. Yes, there are many cruelty videos telling people that...Read More
  • Glam Mink Lashes

    Glam Mink Lashes

    Nobody can refuse the glam, glamorous, charming, attactive mink lashes. You may don't know what's the styles, what's the characteristics, what's the name, how to descripe, but you do know it's glamorous when you see it, it's excellent brilliant...Read More
  • 3D Mink False Eyelashes

    3D Mink False Eyelashes

    Get moved and inspired by our 3D mink false eyelashes, luxurious, natural, exquisit. You would love it for the first meet. it is very curly at the tip, and the hair tip is high and low which make the good 3D effect happen. so this styles mink false lashes can instantely...Read More
  • 3D Thick Lashes

    3D Thick Lashes

    Do you aslo like the thick lashes? We have many customer who only prefer the thick kind of thick style mink lashes, because they are thick, they are full, they are conspicuous and well marked. Some people also think thick 3D lashes is the better quality products. So here we...Read More
  • Natural 3D Mink Lashes

    Natural 3D Mink Lashes

    As natural as possible, the most natural kind, almost can't tell the different between your own eyelashes and false 3D mink lashes. This is the voice of many customers. Surely people want the false lashes are natural kind, natural looking; If the mink lashes are beautiful...Read More
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We're well-known as one of the leading luxury mink lashes manufacturers in China for our private label box and customized logos. Please feel free to wholesale quality luxury mink lashes made in China here from our factory.