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Human Hair Lashes

  • Human Eyelashes

    Human Eyelashes

    Material: human eyelashes The human eyelashes Very soft and comfortable to wear Suitable for Party or Professional Make up Easy to use, can make your eyes look bright and attractive They can be removed by eye makeup remover Can be reused when applied with care We also offer...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes 523

    Red Cherry Lashes 523

    Fantasy girly, natural curling and beautiful , #523 red cherry lashes let you be confident. The 21st century is a challenging century. The QINGDAO BEAUTY LOTUS HARI CO.,LTD has established a strategic goal of “exploiting China and focusing on the world” with market-oriented...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes Wsp

    Red Cherry Lashes Wsp

    Sweet, natural nude makeup with a realistic sweet effect, let you wear a charming style! ! #WSP, popular styles human hair red cherry lashes As a well-known enterprise in China's beauty false eyelashes, our company has experience in production, R&D and sales. Looking...Read More
  • Human Hair Lashes Set

    Human Hair Lashes Set

    Imported very fine wool yarn hair material, carefully crafted to make you cute and sweet, more popular and ladylike temperament, so that you are satisfied! 3D effect double layers red cherry DM30 eyelashes. Packing is 12pc one box, we can do human lashes sets for you with...Read More
  • Human Hair Lashes Bulk

    Human Hair Lashes Bulk

    Product: human hair false eyelashes in bulk Product number: DM10 Product capacity: 1 pair / box Product material: Indonesian real hair Specifications: 1cm (inclusive) - 1.5cm (not included) Suitable for the crowd: women Shelf life: 5 years Main effects: Increase the...Read More
  • Human Hair Lashes Uk

    Human Hair Lashes Uk

    DM series human hair lashes is 3D effect human hair lashes, they are some higher price than the regular red cherry human hair lashes. We do all of them bulk to many market especially to UK market. This lashes is Thick cross hair false eyelashes The perfect experience of...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes 747L

    Red Cherry Lashes 747L

    747 series lashes is popular series lashes in red cherry lashes family, including #747L #747M #747S etc. Human hair red cherry Lashes price is our advantage. Lashes Quality is our guarantee, 100% high quality human hair lashes. Adequate supply is the capital of our long-term...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes 415

    Red Cherry Lashes 415

    Eyelash factory produces human eyelashes Hand-woven, disinfected, woven, trimmed, shaped. The finest and finest aristocrats in the eyelashes use their own hair, which is more realistic and more suitable for their own eyelashes. Our eyelashes products are divided into 12...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes Demi Wispies

    Red Cherry Lashes Demi Wispies

    False eyelashes are available in a variety of colors, styles and materials. Any false eyelashes can be made according to the different curvatures and lengths of the eyes.Curved or trimmed to suit all customers' needs in a variety of situations. our red cherry human hair...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes Bulk Cheap

    Red Cherry Lashes Bulk Cheap

    Proper use of false eyelash products can highlight the temperament of women's knowledge and elves in the era, and make the design transparent, not only can make the eyes grow bigger and more attractive. Instantly make your eyes bigger and more beautiful. we do red cherry...Read More
  • Red Cherry Lashes All Styles

    Red Cherry Lashes All Styles

    False eyelashes are exquisitely crafted, neat and tidy, easy to use and practical. When worn, it can immediately enhance the three-dimensionality of the eyes, which is natural and beautiful. It is an essential necessities for contemporary makeup and beauty. Taking off false...Read More
  • 100 Percent Human Hair Lashes

    100 Percent Human Hair Lashes

    False eyelashes/apparatus classification: whole false eyelashes False eyelashes classification: plastic transparent stem False eyelash style: natural long section False eyelash material: human hair False eyelash length: 0.5cm (inclusive) -1cm (not included) Brand: Red Cherry...Read More
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We're well-known as one of the leading human hair lashes manufacturers in China for our private label box and customized logos. Please feel free to wholesale quality human hair lashes made in China here from our factory.