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Silk Eyelashes Extension

  • Silk Eyelash Extensions

    Silk Eyelash Extensions

    1.Material : Eyelash extensions are made of Korea soft silk material that provides an ultra-lightweight ,comfortable and long-lasting wear . 2.Stable Curl : The eyelash curl can keep at least 1 year and Thickness standard . 3.Easy pick and remove :Paper strip easy pick from...Read More
  • Trio Lashes

    Trio Lashes

    Natural single cluster eyelashes, popular trio lashes. There is a small root, and then a claw like split eyelashes slightly lash the curvature of the eyelid is relatively natural, because it is a cluster of eyelashes, the roots should be planted on the eyelash of the root...Read More
  • Eyelash Clusters

    Eyelash Clusters

    False eyelashes have a whole and eyelash clusters(a single cluster).The whole false eyelash is more suitable for novice and single eyelids. While a single cluster of false eyelashes is suitable for long eyelashes. Now the lash clusters become more and more popular, it is in...Read More
  • D Curl Eyelash Extensions

    D Curl Eyelash Extensions

    C B J D CC DD L is the curl kind for lashes extension, compare with C B J, the D curl is most curly and now more and more people like this D curl eyelash extensions. Our False eyelash extension products are exquisitely made, with neat artwork and neat appearance, convenient...Read More
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions

    Classic Eyelash Extensions

    Two kind of lash extension one is classic eyelash extensions and the other is russian voume eyelash extensions. The general we use is classic kind lashes, it is 1:1 false lashes, one pc of hair graft on one of your own lash. If you have good amount and few gap in lash line...Read More
  • Flower Eyelash Extensions

    Flower Eyelash Extensions

    Flower eyelash extensions we also call it fast flowering eyelash extension or automatic eyelash extensions or one second flowering lashes. The special advantage of this kind false lashes are that they can be flowering automaticly, when yout take it with tweezers, they just...Read More
  • Eyelash Extensions In Korea

    Eyelash Extensions In Korea

    Korea is famous for eyelash extensions, human hair lashes, they do bulk pack with cheap labors. While china is famous for various eyelashes production and famous for the high tech and creatation ability in the eyelash industries. We are China eyelash extensions vendor and at...Read More
  • Ombre Eyelash Extensions

    Ombre Eyelash Extensions

    Leading the fashion trend, wear the ombre eyelash extensions, also it is called grdual blending eyelash extensions. Any kind of color can mix in one tray as your request, purple, red, green, black any color is ok. Length: 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm, one length per box. If...Read More
  • Camellia Eyelash Extensions

    Camellia Eyelash Extensions

    First we need to know what is Camellia eyelash extensions, from the difference between Camellia lashes and the classic eyelash extension, we can see it: Camellia lashes is typically fuller than normal false lashes. It is multi length, mix of length(generally three length for...Read More
  • Camellia Lashes

    Camellia Lashes

    Camellia is an eyelash style and a grafting technique. Camellia lashes is also called camelia eyelash extensions or camelia multi length volume lashes. There is only one length for ordinary classic eyelash extensions. while the camellia have three length and they are in the...Read More
  • Natural Eyelash Extensions

    Natural Eyelash Extensions

    Natural eyelash extensions, what we want is "natural". Try to be as natural as possible and after eyelash extenions done, you can't tell which is your own lashes hair and which is the graft hair, they are just melt with each other perfectely.Hand-made, through...Read More
  • Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions

    Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions

    Ellipse flat eyelash extensions is very popular kind eyelash extensions, more and more people intend to choose the flat kind. Our flat eyelash extensions use Japanese hollow structure, 50% softer than normal round wool lash extension, more light, Super soft and natural, very...Read More
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