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china false eyelashes industry standard
Jun 28, 2018

The specifications of false eyelashes are numerous and complex, and their technical threshold is relatively high, and the hygiene requirements are very strict. The standard for hair styling for hair products contains analysis of fiber composition and content. Focus on the specification of the safety and health indicators in the product, and also determine the per unit amount (rows), curvature, thickness, fiber material, durability, and the appearance of cleanliness and orderliness of the eyelash products. To establish clear sensory requirements and technical requirements for these indicators, and to provide technical support and inspection basis for product inspection, inspection agency inspection, and export inspection.


This standard is the industry standard for the first time in the hair products industry. It will fill the gaps in the industry, regulate various technical indicators of the false eyelash industry, and protect the interests of consumers. At the same time, the standard will also play a role in helping to limit the quality of the industry, standardize the industry market, improve overall product quality, maintain the healthy development of the industry market, and enhance the competitiveness of its products in the domestic and international markets.

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