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how human hair lashes are made
Jun 22, 2018

Human hair eyelashes is very lightweight, some thick and very delicate, made from human hair, very good option for people to use with affordable price.


The most famous human hair strip lashes are Red Cherry lashes, this brand we can see in almost every market, this human hair lashes quality is recognized by customers from all over the worlds and at the same time the lashes model no. Is also well known like #WSP; #DW; #747M etc. China is big factory for eyelashes, many famous lashes brand is from China, as one of leading lashes manufacturer of China, we can do the brand human lashes, can do OEM human eyelashes.


At the same time, we also do mink lashes, synthetic or silk lashes. Now how to tell the difference between silk lashes and human hair lashes is still a question for many people. If you do human hair extension, you will know which kind is real human hair and which kind. Coming the eyelashes, it is the same. We can’t say that human hair eyelashes must be better than synthetic lashes, because there really different grade for both human hair lashes and the synthetic lashes. According to the hair grade, there is different price. But from the whole, the human hair lashes is softer and more feathery than the synthetic or silk lashes. 

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