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how lashes extension are made
Jun 26, 2018

1. Granular PBT

PBT is the basic unit that makes up the eyelashes. In the first step of producing the eyelashes, the particles of PBT should not be colored and made into a threadlike state in a transparent state.


2. Linearization

The linearization process determines the thickness of the artificial PBT line, which determines the thickness of the artificial eyelashes.

It is 0.15mm, 0.10mm, 0.2mm and so on required by the beauty division.


3. Staining


4. Arrange and organization

The arrangement determines the width of the entire lash version.


5. Cut to the length of the product


6. The technology of eyelashes


7. Roll the eyelashes of the specified size on a stainless steel tube in a batch and wrap it with paper.

Maintain the stability of the curl by properly adjusting the size of the batch eyelashes


8. Heat in a high temperature kiln; then apply eyelashes on the sheet


9. Income Eyelash Box

Through manual work, the eyelashes sticking on the sheet are put into the box, so that the entire production process of artificial eyelashes is completed.


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