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how to make lashes longer
Jun 26, 2018

Each eyelash has its own life cycle, that is, a 6-month growth period followed by a rest period. The lashes are separated from the hair roots to facilitate the formation of new lashes within the hair follicles. Every day, when cleaning or rubbing, there are a few eyelashes falling off, which is often not noticed by people.  Malnutrition or long-term illness can also cause eyelashes and eyebrows to fall off. Generally, they can regenerate after recovery. In addition, some people want the eyelashes to grow dense and shave the eyelashes, but they can not do so.


The following methods can promote eyelash growth:

1, olive oil or castor oil

At night, rubbing with an oil can promote eyelash growth and thick. This is an ancient method. The effect is slow, but it is true. In addition, adding lemon peel pieces to the small oil bottle and rubbing it daily can make the eyelashes more beautiful.

2, vitamin E

Cut a capsule of Vitamin E every night and pat it on your face and eyelashes for 3 months.

3, cod liver oil, vitamin AD compound capsules, with a cotton swab dipped in appropriate amount of cod liver oil smear on the upper eyelid lashes root, about 1-2 times a day can be.

4. Liquid protein is a supplementary food that is applied daily at night to enhance the strength and length of the eyelashes.

5. Apply Vaseline nightly and morning to help prevent or correct broken eyelashes.


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