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Eye Patch

  • Blue Eye Patch For Lashes Extension

    Blue Eye Patch For Lashes Extension

    Your eyes love oil? Love dizzy makeup? Fear of bad eyeliner? If you accidentally draw the wrong one, you have to unload it and repost it? Even if the eyeliner is drawn, will it faint in the afternoon? Here we have blue eye patch for lashes extension as well as pink eye ptach...Read More
  • Anti Wrinkle Eye Patch

    Anti Wrinkle Eye Patch

    The anti wrinkle eye patch is ergonomically designed to fit most human eye curves, and it is easier to cover the lower eyelashes around the eyes when in use. This is a new Korean eyelash protein special eye patch designed for the eyes of oriental women. The surface is smooth,...Read More
  • Eye Gel Pads

    Eye Gel Pads

    This is High Quality False Eyelash Eye Gel Patch/Pads with the function of anti aging and anti wrinkle and ingredient include water, glycerol, aloe extract, vitamin C and vitamin E. Cautions Once the bag has been opened, please use immediately don’t re-use the pads . If skin...Read More
  • Eye Patch For Lashes Extension

    Eye Patch For Lashes Extension

    The eye patch for lashes extension is packed in 100 or 50 pouches per clear bag. Generally the patch color is white and the shape can be banana kind or drop kind. Now the most selling kind is the banana kind patch, and the patch color can do turquoise, pink and white. For the...Read More
  • Eye Pads For Lashes Extension

    Eye Pads For Lashes Extension

    The under eye pads for lashes extension, We have regular white kind eye pads as well as specific model other color or shape eye pads. They can pack 100 in clear bags, also can pack 50 in clear bags or can pack the quantity as your request. The patch can be white, pink or...Read More
  • Eyelashes Extension Eye Pad

    Eyelashes Extension Eye Pad

    This eyelash extension eye pad is ideal choice for makeup artist using during the lashes’s high quality, can make your lashes work faster and cleaner. They can be used not only on lashes extension application but facials, eyelash tinting or lashes perming. It’s...Read More
  • Eyelash Extension Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

    Eyelash Extension Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

    This Eyelash extension hydrogel under eye patch can pack 100 pairs or pack 50 pairs inside the clear bag, we can do the product design as your request, any color is ok . Can put barcode label on the bags, we can do ship DDP to amazon warehouse FBA, we are experienced for...Read More
  • Under Eye Gel Pads

    Under Eye Gel Pads

    this under eye gel pads is used for lashes extension with white color patch, also can do pink and blue kind color patchs, for the eye pads shape, mostely is banana kind shape, also can do customized shape as your need. they are with standard quality and competitive price, we...Read More
  • Lint Free Eye Gel Patch

    Lint Free Eye Gel Patch

    Eye use and mask form lint free eye gel patch, we do the patch wholesale bulk quantity, every bag is 50pcs can do your own logo bag if you need. for every pairs packing any kind of bag is available, silver, red, purple, blue, white , all can do as your request. for the patch...Read More
  • Eye Gel Patches

    Eye Gel Patches

    under eye pads for eye lashes. Cand do OEM and ODM, the eye pads shape and color can do as your request, sample can send to you before production. Certification:CE,MSDS,FDA Mask Form:Sheet Ingredient:Mineral Main Ingredient:Collagen Feature:Anti-Wrinkle,Dark...Read More
  • Pink Eye Patch

    Pink Eye Patch

    Best selling small transparent gel eye patch( lint free, 2 pairs/bag) for Eyelash extension( pink color) how quickly can you print and ship 10,000 units eye patch. Shipment can do within one week. 2. can you ship by air? Sure can ship by air, also can do by ship and by...Read More
  • Hydrogel Eye Pads

    Hydrogel Eye Pads

    Grafting eyelashes pads [product name] graft eyelashes patch [Specification] 7.6*2.9cm 7.3*3.3cm [Composition] Hydrogel, pearl film, mesh film, transparent film. [Shelf life] two years product advantages: 1. Film-coated cloth: smooth surface, no fluffing, no hooking, easy...Read More
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