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Magnetic Eyelashes

  • Magnetic Eyelashes Two Magnets

    Magnetic Eyelashes Two Magnets

    Do you want to have a pair of dark, big, lively and affectionate eye fast and easily? Our magnetic eyelashes two magnets can make your dream come true. No glue, just click the up and down lashes immediately will have attractive eyes. Two magnets are the usually kind for...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Double Magnet

    Magnetic Eyelashes Double Magnet

    1. NO GLUE ,NO ALLERGY : Wear with magnetic power ,easy to apply and remove . 2. LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE : Synthetic or custom hair Magnetic Eyelashes Double Magnet , like Mink Fur, Silk, Human Hair, etc. ,black cotton band ,light weight lashes , zero-burden wearing experience...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes For Short Lashes

    Magnetic Eyelashes For Short Lashes

    Magnetic eyelashes for short lashes, also we call it half size magnetic eyelashes, this kind half magnetic lashes is more convenient to wear and the magnets also can’t easily fall off because it is short. This kind magnetic eyelashes is generally with one or two magnets, now...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes 3 Second Lash

    Magnetic Eyelashes 3 Second Lash

    The magnetic eyelashes 3 second is the new innovations, very easy to putting on. 1 Bottom lashes is divided into two small part, 3 second wearing, very convenience. 2 Very natural Looking For Everyday Use, no damage for your own eyes. 3 Fast to put on in seconds; create...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes With Tool

    Magnetic Eyelashes With Tool

    We can provide you the magnetic eyelashes with tools together inside same box as a set. The tools are generally the lashes applicator. Stainless steel magnetic eyelash application tool for applying magnetic lashes or other kind strip false eyelashes. The application tools...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Volume

    Magnetic Eyelashes Volume

    Magnetic eyelashes volume are the newest lash invention on the beauty market which can give you the volume desired and they can Enhancer for Volume, Growth & Length and can give luxurious length and volume in a reusable, easy-to-apply strip. Our wholesale magnetic...Read More
  • Magnetic False Eyelashes Brown

    Magnetic False Eyelashes Brown

    Non glue magnetic eyelashes become more and more popular. But in magnetic eyelashes family, there are also some new trend, for example the color magnetic lashes and in color magnetic eyelashes, the magnetic false eyelashes brown is very hot sale color lashes, which can also...Read More
  • Brown Magnetic Eyelashes

    Brown Magnetic Eyelashes

    Do you like the color magnetic eyelashes? Purple color, green color, blue color, pink color and of course the brown magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes is kind of new trend which is easier to put on and no glue, color kind lashes make your eyes very special beautiful, give...Read More
  • Short Natural Magnetic Eyelashes

    Short Natural Magnetic Eyelashes

    Great attraction, easy to wear, short natural looking, this is the feature of our short natural magnetic eyelashes, if you prefer this kind short hair magnetic eyelashes, you should come to us. We just do various magnetic lashes wholesale, exporting to many countries like...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Short

    Magnetic Eyelashes Short

    For all eyelashes, including magnetic eyelashes, there is short, there is long any kind of lashes have. As magnetic lashes factory, we do any kind wholesale. Here we have one magnetic eyelashes short styles also we can regard it as natural style for you to have a look. It is...Read More
  • Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes

    Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes

    3D stereo plain color reusable magnetic false eyelashes, we have Dual-magnet half-truncated false eyelashes, have the triple magnet full size false eyelashes, curved four magnets eyelashes, no glue, non-gel magnetic lashes. All is high quality, competitive wholesale price,...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Reusable

    Magnetic Eyelashes Reusable

    Our high quality magnetic eyelashes are not disposable, they can be reusable for many times with proper care. All of our magnetic lashes are magnetic eyelashes reusable. If you want this kind repeatable magnetic eyelashes wholesale or want your own brand or private label...Read More
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We're well-known as one of the leading magnetic eyelashes manufacturers in China for our private label box and customized logos. Please feel free to wholesale quality magnetic eyelashes made in China here from our factory.