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Mink Magnetic Lashes

  • Real Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    Real Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    100% real mink magnetic eyelashes is made from the 100% Siberian real mink fur material, very strong, very natural plus magnetic technology makes it become perfect lashes. Best material, best micro-magnet no glue technology, it’s one of your best choice.The Combination of...Read More
  • Magnetic Mink False Eyelashes

    Magnetic Mink False Eyelashes

    magnetic mink false eyelashes is the kind magnetic lashes with mink material. The mink fur material look more natural, soft and comfortable with premium quality. They are held by the strongest magnets so can't fall off; You no need to go to the salon or makeup artist to...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Mink

    Magnetic Eyelashes Mink

    This is 3D Mink Magnetic Eyelashes with thick styles. The material of this magnetic eyelashes is Siberian Mink Fur. It is full size cover from eye left corner to right corner for maximum coverage with three magnets which can give you fuller, More Glamorous look. With...Read More
  • 3D Mink Magnetic False Eyelashes

    3D Mink Magnetic False Eyelashes

    Highest quality popular mink magnetic lashes 3D-03 Ladies, Have y'all tried these magnetic eyelashes? It's very easy to use, no need any glue. It is wonderful for the upcoming holiday party. Share the popular 3D mink magnetic eyelashes with your friends and get yours...Read More
  • Full Eye Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    Full Eye Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    Hot selling 3D mink magnetic lashes 3D-07 This is very popular mink 3D effect magnetic lashes, with band 33mm and length 15mm, this is very luxury highest quality 3D magnetic lashes with three magnet full eyes. This styles material is 100% cruelty free mink. Now more and more...Read More
  • Half Eye Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    Half Eye Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

    Half eye charming styles mink magnetic lashes 3D-13 The latest popular things in beauty? Magnetic eyelashes. People who are struggling for applying false lashes, magnetic lashes is perfect solution, no need any glue,no chemicals, fast and effective, look nature and amazing,...Read More
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