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Silk Magnetic Lashes

  • Magnetic Lashes Double Demi Wispies

    Magnetic Lashes Double Demi Wispies

    Ardell lashes has famous demi wispies lashes and WSP lashes, do you also want your own brand demi wispies eyelashes? Maybe you would like this magnetic lashes double demi wispies At the same time you may also think of another false eyelashes called Wispies. Looking at the...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes With 4 Magnets

    Magnetic Eyelashes With 4 Magnets

    magnetic eyelashes with 4 magnets [brand]: no brand or customized. [name]: four magnet [model]: KS01-4; KS02; WSP; DWSP etc. [material]: imported fiber [craft]: pure handwork. [quantity]: 1 pairs (four pieces of magnets). [single weight]: about 12 grams. [cooperation]:...Read More
  • 4 Magnetic Eyelashes

    4 Magnetic Eyelashes

    4 magnetic eyelashes is the kind of magnetic lashes with 4 magnets. The feature is that the magnets is much smaller than other kind magnetic eyelashes and also the band is pre-curved so easier to put on. This kind of four magnets eyelashes become more and more popular, it is...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes With Curve

    Magnetic Eyelashes With Curve

    Here we recommend our new technique magnetic eyelashes with curve. they are a curled band magnetic lash (not straight like One Two Lash). with our Multi-magnet high technology , we created this pre-curved band magnetic lashes, because the shape is just fit the lid, so it’s...Read More
  • Curved Magnetic False Eyelashes

    Curved Magnetic False Eyelashes

    This curved magnetic false eyelashes is very different with popular curved band. They are a full size lash, they have four very tiny magnets to help the lash band curve just like the natural eye shape so that can make it very easy and convenience to put on. Very Simple...Read More
  • Curved Magnetic Eyelashes

    Curved Magnetic Eyelashes

    New style, new packing curved magnetic eyelashes. The special feature is a pre-curved band and very tiny four magnets. When the magnetic lashes have curved band, it will sit better on the eyes than the straight band. Also the packing is paper box with trays inside. The...Read More
  • Three Magnetic Eyelashes

    Three Magnetic Eyelashes

    Our three magnetic eyelashes which can cove full size of your eyes is in hot sale. It is with box packing. First, there are two pairs of false eyelashes in this box. Unlike the general false eyelash, there is only one piece on the side, and the magnet false eyelash is two...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes 2 Magnets

    Magnetic Eyelashes 2 Magnets

    How easy is it to build false eyelashes in 2 seconds? Our "magnetic eyelashes 2 magnets" let you not be the remnants of the party!I saw lots of people are so grieved, why is life so rough? Even sticking an eyelash is so difficult! Don't cry in a hurry, we have...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes For Sensitive Eyes

    Magnetic Eyelashes For Sensitive Eyes

    If your eyes are very sensitive and can’t stand the close proximity of eyelash glues, you will love the magnetic eyelashes. If your eye shape is almond, also magnetic lashes are your best choice. with revolutionary multi-magnets technology, you can enjoy our magnetic...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

    Magnetic Eyelashes For Asian Eyes

    magnetic eyelashes for Asian eyes, is the kind magnetic lashes which is very suitable for the Asian eyes. As we know most Asian eyes are slender, small eyes, and eye features lack aesthetic coefficients.Asian eyelashes are straight, hard and short, so their eyes are not vivid...Read More
  • Magnetic Eyelashes Cut

    Magnetic Eyelashes Cut

    Magnetic eyelashes cut, we refer to the kind of magnetic eyelashes that the bottom of the eyelashes is cut in 3 parts for 3 magnets one. So this way it is easier to apply, more easy to use. Not means you can cut the magnetic lashes when it is longer than your eyes. First this...Read More
  • Triple Magnetic Eyelashes

    Triple Magnetic Eyelashes

    Triple magnetic eyelashes is the false lashes with three magnets on it or we can call it full size magnetic lashes. Our magnetic lashes are designed by experts makeup artist. It is very high quality cosmetics accessory, very easy and fast to apply, you can make it within...Read More
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