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301 Lashes 1000 Pairs To USA
Jul 27, 2018

301# lashes is very famous lashes styles no. it's famous for dramatic, thick and full, with 12 pillar hairs. Customer always emphasize thick, very thick; full, very full. must can't see the space under light. 301# dramatic thick eyelashes are just like the drug for the people who are interested in attending the party, and do some crazy things. this lashes are just for the special groups. After you wearing it, the thrilling, excitting, alternative feeling are full of head. We send this 1000 pairs to American customer today with two carton packing. 


the weight is light but the cbm is big, cbm weight is almost 40kg, This kind lashes can't put in the simple small pack. The pack must be deep enough to hold the dramatic hairs.