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A Detailed Tutorial On The Use Of False Eyelashes
May 25, 2018

A detailed tutorial on the use of false eyelashes

There are many false eyelashes in the cosmetic store. Have you ever tried to buy it back? How can we stick the false eyelashes? Let's get ready: false eyelashes, glue and scissors. Remember that the fake eyelashes must start from the middle of the eye. The first place is to cut the false eyelashes, which is about 8mm shorter than their own eyes. The mirror is placed on the table and tilted 45 degrees downward (front face).

Smear the false eyelashes with glue. Confirm the good eye and start 3mm and eye tail to 5mm open position. Then it starts from the middle of the eye, then the eye, then the eye tail. It is easy to close down (index finger, middle finger, ring finger) when it is just pasted, so gently press it with your fingers. At this point, if your eyes are closed, you can easily stick to the lower eyelids and be careful. It almost sticks together and then caresses the false eyelashes from the bottom. That's good.