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Cheap Mink Eyelashes
Jul 23, 2018

With the developement of false eyelashes, more and more customer reallized the best kind false eyelashes are mink eyelashes. With competition of this false lashes business, another question come out, is there any cheaper mink eyelashes? This is the voice from all customers. On one hand, customer want best kind lashes which can wear many times with beautiful styles; on the other hand, customer want the cheap price, so they can stand out from the competition. This work must be done by factory. 

But one thing we must know price is always going with quality, we can't do the fake thing that pointed the wrong quality, the only thing we can do is try the best to save the cost and give the best balance between the price and quality. With our hardworking and market research, we do some cheap mink eyelashes and the catalogue is as follows:

mink 1_副本1.jpg

mink 2_副本1.jpg