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Making Big Eye Dolls With False Eyelashes
May 25, 2018

Making big eye dolls with false eyelashes

How do you brush your eyelashes again? Your eyelashes are not long enough to curl up. False eyelashes are your saviours! Like wearing clothes, wearing different eyelashes is not a dream!

First, use the three stage clipping method to curl the eyelash, so as not to fuse with the radian of the false eyelashes. The small part of the special eyelash clip can be used for details.

Make-up of false eyelashes

Take the tweezers carefully and take out the false eyelashes. A single box of false eyelashes with better texture can be used repeatedly. The whole box is more rough with more texture, but the effect is quite natural. It can be used 2--3 times at most times. With both hands carefully pinching the ends of the false eyelashes, bending the radians repeatedly and flexing false eyelashes.

The mirror is setting itself up. First, put your false eyelashes in your hands and put them on your eyes for a longer length. Then use the special small scissors to trim the eyelashes, cut off the extra connecting wires and trim them according to the length of the eyes. Use the tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes, and carefully brush the eyelash glue to the line of false eyelashes.

Wait for a few seconds. Use a pair of tweezers to clip the false eyelashes with good glue and fix the middle part of the eyelids in the middle part of the eyelids. Then adjust your head and tail with your hand and fix it.