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Our New Self-adhesive False Eyelashes Will Launch
Jul 14, 2018

The new product self-adhesive false eyelashes are on the market, the medical grade glue of the stem is reusable, no stimulation, no need to apply glue, effectively prevent allergies, 3 seconds speed wear, complete style. Daily makeup false eyelashes support spot order, sample to order, interested parties to consult customer service.



1. After using this self-adhesive eyelash for a period of time, if the viscosity of the eyelash is not enough, you can use alcohol to wipe to increase the stickiness of the strip!

2, this paragraph self-adhesive eyelashes and a pair of spare rubber strips, can be replaced!

3. This self-adhesive eyelash can also be used as an ordinary eyelash after tearing off the strip!


The self-adhesive eyelashes eliminate the trouble of cleaning the glue at the root of the eyelashes. The soft and thin strips can be taken down with a single pull, no residue, no damage to the false eyelashes, and extended use of the eyelashes. Life expectancy is simple and easy to understand for beginners with false eyelashes. It is very easy to operate, and no longer need eyelash glue!



Self-adhesive 3D mink false eyelashes No irritation self-adhesive eyelashes free glue 3 seconds speed anti-allergic eyelashes