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Which People Are Not Suitable For Grafting Lashes
May 25, 2018

An eye or skin sensitive person

Some people, natural skin is easy to sensitive, no matter what things will have reaction, this kind of people are not very suitable for grafting eyelashes. If you want to try, you can use the special dehydration of pregnant women to try it or not to take risks. In fact, the deeper understanding is' allergy 'and' sensitive '. It's two different things, but if you are not sure or do not really want to take it, I suggest you think twice. Otherwise, if you spend money and feel uncomfortable, the beauty shop will not refund.

The eyes have been operated on

If your eyes have been done over half permanent or double eyelid in the latest time, or if you have made a laser, it is suggested that you should make lashes again in a relatively short period of time. If there is such a situation, it is suggested that you should slow down your eyelash plan.

If you really want to do it, you'd better be separated for more than 60 days.

Eye disease patients

If your eye focus can not be done wow, such as conjunctivitis, such as conjunctivitis, because when the eyelashes grafting, we will use hand or tape to carry the eyelids to grafted. Although the current glue has greatly overcame the very heavy shortcomings of the taste, but still many smoked wow, such as eyes with eyes. Disease may have discomfort, in the process of grafting will appear in the process of eye swelling and tears, this is the impact of the grafting of eyelashes beautiful, two is to affect the firmness of eyelashes, so such women should think twice!

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