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Silk Eyelashes

  • 5 Pack False Eyelashes

    5 Pack False Eyelashes

    Do you like 5 pack false eyelashes? We have made a lot of false eyelashes series. 3D silk series was recommended by lots of clients. In this series, there is the cross-dense effect , there is thick kind, there is wispy kind, there is short to long lashes, all of them are very...Read More
  • Demi Wispies Lashes

    Demi Wispies Lashes

    The demi wispies lashes is absolutely smoky makeup assistant.As we know Ardell lashes has the famous 120 style and demi wispies styles lashes, we can do the same kind lashes, same quality with your own brand. Let’s have a look of this two kind lashes, first, 120, the fan has...Read More
  • Eyelashes 5 Pack

    Eyelashes 5 Pack

    Eyelashes 5 pack is kind of lashes packing with 5 pairs lashes in the same trays or box, it is popular kind packing way, can do fast selling. This five pairs can be same style and also can be different styles mix. Now market are tending to the cheaper good quality eyelashes,...Read More
  • Eyelashes Wispies

    Eyelashes Wispies

    This eyelashes wispies is beginners recommend eyelashes, extremely natural to almost no sense of existence, eyelashes are natural length, after the eye is the effect of natural naked makeup. Many Korean girls like this and some other similar wispies eyelashes to create the...Read More
  • Eyelashes In Bulk

    Eyelashes In Bulk

    We are eyelashes factory from China do the eyelashes in bulk. We have many styles popular 3D silk eyelashes, here we recommend this style as picture for you. This 3D silk lashes is worthy for you to store a lot. Natural thickening and you even can’t see the false eyelashes...Read More
  • Eyelashes Vendor

    Eyelashes Vendor

    As leading false eyelashes vendor from China, we have many kind of eyelashes, and we met many kinds of customers asking about the false eyelashes wholesale and about the questions in the process of wearing false eyelashes. Someone is single eyelid + double star, so have to...Read More
  • Short To Long Fake Eyelashes

    Short To Long Fake Eyelashes

    This pair is short to long fake eyelashes, although the same is short and long, but this pair of front and back gap is more obvious, bundle feeling is stronger... The makeup is collocation and strong cat eye eyeliner. It emphasizes the false eyelashes and the rising Eyeliner...Read More
  • 3D Lashes

    3D Lashes

    3D lashes is a kind of lashes with 3D effect, there is 3D mink, 3D faux mink and 3D other kind of strip lashes, here we recommend our cheap price 3D silk eyelashes for you. Girls want to change different false eyelashes according to makeup, but it's really a big learning...Read More
  • Best Drugstore False Eyelashes

    Best Drugstore False Eyelashes

    Here we have best drugstore false eyelashes and they are harmless to the eyes, our false eyelashes use real hair, silk material , the pursuit of realistic effect, the general false eyelashes should be used with some artificial materials. Because false eyelashes are glued to...Read More
  • 3d Silk Lashes Uk

    3d Silk Lashes Uk

    Nowadays, the false eyelashes in the market are made of chemical fibers and one is made from animal hair. False eyelashes sold on the market are made of chemical fibers. False eyelashes made from animal hair are mostly used in beauty parlors. We have both animal and fiber...Read More
  • 3d Silk Lashes Review

    3d Silk Lashes Review

    We strongly recommend to you our 3D silk lashes, dense cross 3D chemical fiber eyelash cotton line eyelashes. Let’s have our 3D silk lashes review, so you can choose the styles according to your own fact: 1.The dense design, the tiny tail, decided to make your eyes bigger...Read More
  • 3d Silk Fiber Lashes

    3d Silk Fiber Lashes

    A pair of beautiful eyelashes can let you, eyes flying, eyes like autumn water, a smile can electrically pour a lot of people! But the fact is that not everyone has a natural eyelash, so many people choose to add: 3d silk fiber lashesThis kind of false eyelashes is very soft...Read More
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