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3D Silk Lashes

  • Silk Fiber Lashes

    Silk Fiber Lashes

    As you know, the beautiful eyelashes can really help us to make up. Our this type silk fiber lashes is very popular style , having cotton band , 100% hand made and can be used over 10 times if care well . Here is some information about the silk fiber lashes : It has Cotton...Read More
  • Silk Fiber Eyelashes

    Silk Fiber Eyelashes

    Silk Fiber eyelashes are the most commonly used false eyelashes nowadays. They are hand made of synthetic and knitted chemical fibers. It is soft and not heavy weight , so will not crush your own eyelashes after makeup. They have certain curling degree and shape. They are...Read More
  • Silk Hair Eyelashes

    Silk Hair Eyelashes

    We have lots of 3D silk hair eyelashes, they are very popular style with cheap price, the 3D effect is great , the hair is very soft, 100% silk fiber lashes. We can provide ODM and OEM service, can do your own brand silk lashes with your private label box, we do the silk hail...Read More
  • 3d Synthetic False Eyelashes

    3d Synthetic False Eyelashes

    Our 3D Synthetic False Eyelashes has cotton band . Cotton band is the softest and most comfortable of the band materials, and it has the lowest sense of existence. But need to take notice ,when you wear such false eyelashes, drawing black eyeliner will looks much more...Read More
  • 100 Silk Eyelashes

    100 Silk Eyelashes

    About Our 100 Silk Eyelashes: CRUELTY FREE ,Softer than Real Mink Fur lashes . These Lashes are Handmade with the Highest Quality Soft Synthetic Fibers. Easy to Apply and Do not Harm Your Eyes . Perfect for special occasions such as weddings, proms, birthday parties,...Read More
  • Silk False Eyelashes

    Silk False Eyelashes

    With our silk false eyelashes, it's hard to be not lovely and elegant. So make use of silk eyelashes and mascara to create cute eye makeup. In order to be more natural, eyelashes are often used in mascara. The tail end of the lower eyelashes can use natural type of false...Read More
  • Synthetic False Eyelashes

    Synthetic False Eyelashes

    Our synthetic false eyelashes is with 3D effect, very soft and comfortable, the band is thin, any kind of eye shape can wear them easily even your eyes are a little puffy, and with the eye shape going down, you can put on them easily. Overall, the price of this 3D synthetic...Read More
  • Eyelashes 3d Synthetic

    Eyelashes 3d Synthetic

    In a careful look at this eyelashes 3d synthetic, natural curling, the use of fiber materials with real eyelashes texture is very close, the quality is also very good. The soft and hard hairs are relatively moderate and do not bind their eyes.Our 3D synthetic eyelashes have...Read More
  • 3d Silk False Eyelashes

    3d Silk False Eyelashes

    Every woman loves beauty and admires people whose eyelashes are longer than herself. If we are short, we can only think of other ways. Haha, today I'll give you our 3D silk false eyelashes. It's super natural and dense. It's very lifelike. It's made of very...Read More
  • 2 Pack Eyelashes

    2 Pack Eyelashes

    For the eyelashes there is one pack,2 pack, 3 pack, 4 pack and 5 pack, 10 pack etc, here we introduce for you our 2 pack eyelashes which is 3D silk lashes. Of course, not only 3D silk can do two pack, other kind material lashes all can do. We can do your own private label...Read More
  • Natural Silk Eyelashes

    Natural Silk Eyelashes

    Natural silk eyelashes Natural row of eyelashes. This is the most natural and most natural type that we use. It is 2 pack 3D natural silk eyelashes, also can do single pack or any kind of pack as you like. Everyone can wear them directly when choosing everyday makeup....Read More
  • 5 Pack False Eyelashes

    5 Pack False Eyelashes

    Do you like 5 pack false eyelashes? We have made a lot of false eyelashes series. 3D silk series was recommended by lots of clients. In this series, there is the cross-dense effect , there is thick kind, there is wispy kind, there is short to long lashes, all of them are very...Read More
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